This is a web based Spell Check script, and is designed to work with any text input form on a web page. It is called from a second form, opens a popup window, allows the user to check the text, then inserts the text back in the main window's form field.

Primarily, this project is geared toward PNphpBB2 but will also include many other message board systems in the future.

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This program requires:
  • Unix-based OS, ie: Linux, FreeBSD, and OSX
  • Ispell, Aspell or CocoASpell (Mac/OSX): Ispell is probably by default installed on your system.  Aspell is much improved over Ispell, and what I recommend if you have the time.  This is the engine that runs the spell checking.
  • IPC::Open3.  Some systems only come with IPC::Open2, so you may have to install IPC::Open3 in addition.

  • Users running a browser than handles JavaScript.  IE5/6 or NS6 recommended.

  • The Spell Check script:  The perl script that runs server side.

You can see this live at

Fully compatible with the latest versions of . . .

Based on the WBOSS script by Joshua Cantara.